Couple Massage at Mumbai

Massage Start @ 1500 Onwards

Our wide services include Couple Body Massages in Mumbai. If you are a couple, working at your respective jobs, having no time for each other then, this might be something you're looking for.

Our Couple Body Massage is one of the most loved services by our clients. We use hot steam bath followed by an aromatic Oil Massage that helps you soothe your nerves. When our trained masseuses will massage on your bodies with practiced hands, you will be relieved and calm. You will feel your body tension being released bit by bit.

Our calm and composed ambiance will make you feel relieved and you will find yourself enjoying it. Our trained masseuses will use their gentle hands to massage all over your body, calming your nerves and releasing all the pressure from your tensed muscles you will have a great time with your loved one.

Our Massage Packages especially includes massages that are custom made for couples. Shiatsu Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage made especially for couples will help you have a great time with your loved one. What's better than enjoying a peaceful hour with your better half? Nothing.

That's why we bring to you our Couple Body Massage service in Mumbai.

Couple Spa in Mumbai

In ancient times, different types of bath water were used to treat bodies for medicinal purposes. In today's modern world having this facility at home is not possible, and if you could enjoy that time with your loved one? That's right. Not only great Massages, we also offer to you great Couple Spa in Mumbai only here. Enjoy pampering of your bodies with trained spa experts and soothe your body, we have specialized spa services made for couples. We provide spa procedures according to your needs. Our Spa has different types of services like Day Spa, Steam Spa, Fresh Water Spa, Mineral Spa and Medicinal Spa. We promise you when you are done with this spa, you'll end up having a soft and smooth skin. Our Spa experts are trained with services that will result in you two having a great time together. A spa is a great way to relax while pampering your body.

Couple Spa Packages in Mumbai

Our Couple Spa Packages comes with cost-effective services. That is the reason why our customers love it so much. We give you the best spa time of your life with a price that doesn't put any pressure on your wallet. Our Spa Packages includes Day Spa for Couples, Steam Spa for Couples, Mineral Water Spa for Couples, Medicinal Spa for couples. When you come to us we treat you the way your body wants to get treated. Our experts will first ask you about your medical history and the kind of job you've been doing then, this information is used to create a specialized spa treatment for your body. Don't feel special yet, our Spa experts will treat just right, we work towards our customer satisfaction and we know how to make that happen.